Polaris® Professional Development Platform

In the 40 years OSI has been helping individuals diagnose and improve their skillsets, our team of professionals has assembled a set of best-practice processes and materials that have been shown to facilitate competency growth. These helpful aids have been packaged and are now available for license.

**The Polaris® Professional Development Platform content must be licensed prior to use and duplication. Please contact OSI for license costs and further information.

OSI Professional Development
Platform Element

PDF: The Power of a Development Plan

Importance of a structured development plan; essential elements of a best-practice plan.

Template: Polaris® Development Plan (with Sample Plan)

Best-practice development plan, including all necessary elements of a structured plan. Provides a sample plan for illustration.

Polaris® Competency Vision Statements

For competencies most frequently targeted for improvement, a compelling narrative is provided to show a positive preferred future.

PPT Deck: Building a Development Plan

Presentation slides for introducing concepts needed to think about, draft, and successfully execute a development plan. Train the Trainer notes included.

Articles: Library of OSI Monographs

A set of several dozen articles written to help investigate and remedy shortfalls in key competency areas, e.g., Communicativeness, Strategic Thinking, Visioning, Problem Solving, Creativity, etc.

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