Leadership Selection and Development

The Case For Live Workshops

COVID necessitated isolation and made ZOOM a verb with a new
meaning. It also precipitated an accelerated and permanent shift to remote/hybrid work which does have advantages for individuals and organizations (convenience, independence, work from anywhere). But these are measures of efficiency, not effectiveness, and organizations are just starting to feel some of the negative consequences of an all-remote workforce.

Survey Guided Leadership Development

With much face-to-face training and coaching still on hold, leader training has faced a challenge. But one technique has not missed a beat during the pandemic: survey guided leadership development, using a 360° survey to diagnose a leader’s strengths and opportunities. OSI continues to support a number of coaches and organizations involved in 360°s. Here’s a consensus from them on best practice for this methodology.

Remote Leadership Research Results – Unmute Yourself: What Remote Team Members Say Are Essential Leader Behaviors

Our abrupt shift in 2020 to remote work seems likely to stay to some degree for countless individuals. This has come with personal and social costs for many. This raises the questions, what are the differences, if any, in what remote teams need from their leaders? How does/should leadership change in a remote environment?

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