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ChatGPT sparked our recent accelerated look at AI in a world that had already begun to accept intelligent devices. We are used to asking Siri or Alexa or Google or Amazon for assistance in composition, answers to questions, instructions, shopping, or directions, but now we can task Bard or Bing or ChatGPT to assist with a much wider range of actions and decisions. They are the evolved (and evolving!) versions of earlier digital assistants. Here are several takeaways from our AI investigation.

Thoughts on Professional Development During the Pandemic: Focus. Plan. Do!

We noticed that for many of us this time quarantined at home has provided found time to devote to personal growth. But COVID-19, recession, and social unrest have certainly presented a host of challenges to clear thinking and thoughtful plans. To help reflect on best practice, and compose this article we’ve enlisted the aid of coach, colleague, and friend, Laurel Marshall. We would also like to thank our Canadian comrade and strategic partner, Bob Power, for his read and review. Our complete article is included as an attachment but here are the elements we agreed were absolutely essential to any good professional development plan.

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